Base Stats
ATK 38
DEF 55
MAT 63
MDF 53
SPD 41
TEC 78
LUC 51
Archers are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They are a great offensive unit that wield bows into battle. They are not initially unlocked, but will become unlocked around the same time as Serina Leaf joins the team, as both her and Archers have similar stat distribution shapes and she is the first to easily produce them.

They are succeeded by the class Hunter later.


Archers, alike Hunters, are bow-wielding units who have a great deal of TEC and MAT. As such, they work great with fellow Hunters or any other TEC/MAT-based unit. However, as Archers have fairly low LUC, SPD, MDF, and ATK, they are not recommended for use on any teams other than TEC/MAT-based ones.


Level learned Skill name
Level 4 Twisted Shot
Level 8 Expert Training
Level 19 Bowmerang