Base Stats
ATK 46
DEF 56
MAT 60
MDF 73
SPD 64
TEC 68
LUC 80
Astromancers are a Star Child class in Conception 2. They are near-direct upgrades to the Magician, having stronger skills and similar-yet-higher stat distributions. Astromancers fight with staves or rods and learn skills depending on their element. Astromancers are not initially unlocked, and are unlocked around mid-game.


Astromancers are a wide-spread magic class that function as both a Magician and Cleric. They have many skills, including differing skills depending on their element. Astromancers have above-average stats in all fields except for ATK, allowing them to slide into any team that could use a different element.


Level learned Skill name
Level 12 Zodiac
Level 1 [FIRE] Blaze
Level 20 [FIRE] Triad Blaze
Level 1 [WIND] Cyclone
Level 20 [WIND] Triad Cyclone
Level 1 [EARTH] Gravel Storm
Level 20 [EARTH] Triad Gravel Storm
Level 1 [WATER] Frost
Level 20 [WATER] Triad Frost
Level 1 [DUSK] Curse
Level 20 [DUSK] Triad Curse
Level 1 [ETHER] Shine
Level 20 [ETHER] Triad Shine
Level 30 Recovery
Level 45 ♂ Area Heal
Level 45 ♀ Soul Searcher