Base Stats
ATK 46
DEF 68
MAT 48
MDF 62
SPD 57
TEC 53
LUC 59
Berserkers are a Star Child class in Conception 2. They are very similar to Grapplers, using claws to fight. They have above-average, balanced stats that makes them easy to unlock. They are not initially available in the game. Fuuko Amicus is able to produce these relatively early on.

Their upgrade is the Trickster.


Berserkers function well on teams requiring little LUC, or teams that require a good buffing character due to the wide variety of buffs that Berserkers learn. All of the Berserker's skill have secondary effects (albeit not all of them positive), allowing them to fit onto teams requiring status ailments or chance of one-hit kills.


Level learned Skill name Team Skill
Level 7 Poisoned Carver Venom Ballista
Level 44 Silent Killing Killing Field
Level 24 Beast Soul

Rite of Auras

Fighting Instinct

The Claws

Level 15 ♂ ATK Boost
Level 15 DEF Boost