• SuperSarcosmic

    This wiki could use some help getting organized and improving consistency and navigation. To those ends, I'm compiling some of the new and useful templates here. This post will be amended if I make more templates or find more templates that should be used more often.

    Some new templates, ' and ', now exist. They display the game titles as follows:

    • =
    • =

    These are intended to make it easy to insert the game titles wherever necessary, as well as keep the stylization of the title consistent across the wiki. Currently, the game title is almost never italicized when mentioned, as a title should be. (This section was copied from my forum post)

    The following are templates that already exist, but are worth mentioning.

    ' adds articles to Category:Article stubs…

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  • Perfectclear

    It was evident, we all knew it was coming one day. And It's finally here.! Hope we can get more people to contribute to this wiki and hope this wiki helps more people who come across this classic game.

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  • Perfectclear

    Note: I myself has never finished this game due to the fact that when I play, I try to collect every possible thing that can be achieved in the first run: quests, items, events, achievements, etc.

    I've already added the Gift Item section, their descriptions/flavour text, their prices, and their likability with the heroines.

    Since I've been playing on Narika's route first (my top 3 heroines are: Narika, Torri, and Serina, in no specific order), It'll be a while before I can complete the gifts section.

    I've also added more information on where to get consumables: quest drops, labyrinth-store, etc.

    In due time I will be adding the quest-specific items and other monster drops that have no use other than to be sold in a separate page.


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  • Shanedragonsteel

    Wanted the achivment.

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  • Zimio
    • Full articles for bonding events, set up in an enlongated table-esque recollection with expandable boxes for options (colour coded with :), :| or :( faces). Please leave this one up to me until I've finished at least one article, as I have very specific ideas for this.
    • Pages for ALL weapons/armours/items with one large graph, organizing all of the respective items on a single page. I plan to start this project shortly.
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  • Dreamitec


    August 7, 2015 by Dreamitec

    Hey there everyone! I've noticed now and again there have been requests going on from wikia contributors- which I believe should be more throughly discussed to avoid confusion.

    From now, Feel free to ask here and link specific pages you would like improving. If you see an error and nobody has been able to respond to it, either act on it or try talking to our members here about it. Or, if you see something that is missing-but you would like for it to be included then feel free to ask!


    Hello there everyone! I feel that there should be more open discussion about any difficulties with obtaining items, quests etc and it should also be a topic discussed here. Feel free to ask me or any of the members here to help. Also, if you feel that the…

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  • NewtGirl

    I was wondering, since there are seven heroines, were they based on the Seven Heavenly Virtues? I looked closer at their "Saint" titles but couldn't find much correlation. I wondered if the "Saint" bits were actually the Seven Heavenly Virtues, but they were lost in translation, but I can't find the Japanese original names to confirm. Could someone help me find this info?

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  • Chronos1134

    Ive been reverse Jap searching and working on the jap archivies trying to find simple pictures of these, I  understand that for the bookstore cards, that most real life pictures of it would have personal information on it, which is why there hard to find, but all the other things like wallpapers, mousepads and mugs/real things, shouldnt take as long to find! And the more I go through some of these, the more I actually want some of it, I atleast want to see the full artwork for the Bookstore cards and would like to own the mousepad.  I really hope Spike Chunsoft lets Atlus sell merch to the US, atleast let us order it online.

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