Base Stats
ATK 57
DEF 62
MAT 49
MDF 58
SPD 46
TEC 71
LUC 63
Bondsmen are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They are well-rounded units that fight with spears. They are not initially unlocked, and they become unlocked by unlocking both basic classes and intermediate classes. (and unlocking trimating).


Bondsmen, as a spear-wielding unit, have great TEC and above-average ATK making them a great offensive unit. They are part of the Lancer Trio, giving them great synergy with fellow Lancers and Paladins. They also have a great split of both offensive moves and defensive moves, giving them wide variety while fighting. Alike other lance-wielding classes, they can attack from nearly any angle with their different attack skills.


Level learned Skill name
Level 10 Ripper
Level 27 Temple Chain
Level 36 Great Divide
Level 49 Bond Breaker
Level 16 ♂ ATK Sapper
Level 16 ♀ MAT Sapper
Level 49 Bonding Mind