Base Stats
ATK 48
DEF 58
MAT 63
MDF 75
SPD 66
TEC 71
LUC 83
Bulleteers are a Star Child class in Conception 2. They are the strongest of all gun wielders, dealing mass amounts of damage with extraordinarily high TEC. As such, they can only wield guns. Bulleteers are not initially unlocked, but become so after obtaining a Level 30 Ether Sniper and a Level 30 Gun Saint.


Bulleteers are the ultimate gun class, with both incredible TEC and high total stats. When placed on a team with a Gun Saint and a Ether Sniper, the team will gain access to many strong Team Skills, as well as having some of the highest TEC numbers available. Apart from being teamed up with fellow gun classes, they function well with TEC-MAT users, such as Gamblers. Altogether, Bulleteers are one of the strongest classes available and should always be present in at least 1 of the 9 team slots.


Level learned Skill name
Level 12 Type53 Round
Level 44 Mk3 Round
Level 61? Type91 Round
Level 36 Ether Blast
Level 23 ♂ DEF Boost
Level 23  MDF Boost