Dusk spawners or dusk monsters are the creatures manifested by dark desires. They appear from the labyrinths and usually disrupt towns or cities when they come too close to them.

Background Edit

Dusk Spawners have been appearing since twenty years ago, prior to the creation of the pandora labyrinth (the original core). And seven other dusk circles have appeared during that time. They are commonly known as the seven deadly sins and are named by the sins. As for dusk spawners theirselves, they are created by mankind's desires and from that, labyrinths have a boss; the core of the labyrinth. By defeating the boss of a labyrinth, the dusk circles can be sterilised causing a stop to dusk monsters appearing.

Appearance Edit

All dusk spawners appear differently but when entering dungeons and going through some cutscenes, Dusk

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monsters usually appear as a dark purple mass with glowing yellow eyes. It's possible when going through dungeons to see the full appearance of dusk spawners by either using certain abilities or by fighting them. Bosses never appear the same as dusk spawners-and neither do they through cutscenes. Mainly because it's a direct confrontation when going against them.

Some dusk spawners appear different because of transformation of humans into monsters although they become dusk spawners. If not, then people transforming into it will have minor change in features although their body language and tone will usually reveal the progress of transformation. It's likely these incomplete transformations or forms is a stage through the transformation. Perhaps a primitive form of some sort.

List of Dusk SpawnersEdit



  • Bootes
  • Booteles
  • Borgas

Dusk Spawners appearing in the gameEdit

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