A second-year Elite Disciple. Loves talking about girls and easily gets carried away.
Chlotz Genus
"Have you heard the rumor..."
Role Support
Position 2nd Year Elite A-Rank Disciple
Status Alive
Chlotz Genus (クロツグ= ジーナス ) is the first Male Disciple that the Main Character meets. He is a B-Rank Disciple at the Academy, being later A-Rank, and the best friend of the Main Character. He does not go into battle but rather provides support into understanding powerful monsters and providing hints to the players whether in battle or romance. He is the younger brother of Chloe Genus.


Chlotz has red hair and violet eyes much like his sister. He wears the Academy Elite Disciples Uniform with his very own unique blue edge lining. Much similiar to that of the Main Character, Chlotz blue colors still retain on his uniform even after reaching A-Rank which would mean his blue edge lining is only unique to him.


Chlotz has a very outgoing personality and upbeat attitude. Although he has good intentions and is very talkative, Chlotz can sometimes be blunt towards the heroines, which can sometimes lead to repercussions. Such as rumours among him, the protagonist and Alec's relationship. As the younger brother, Chlotz is shown to be somewhat envious of his sister's ability, being constantly compared to her. Due to her being viewed as one of the strongest and most intelligent out of the heroines. But despite living in the shadows of her accomplishments and been seen as somewhat of a clown, he has plenty of his own talents. He's shown to be a technical wizard and is constantly training to be a better Disciple. He helps G.G during boss fights by lending advice. Even Ruby often notes "For being an idiot, he's pretty smart." He is shown to be caring for his friends and is very overprotective of his older sister Chloe, despite their differences. In her character arc, he usually kept her fan club in line along with the rest of her fans. He very well knows that his sister and best friend are Bonding for stronger star children, but even so, he requests the Main Character to stay away from her.


Chlotz hometown name or where he was raised was never mentioned, much similar to that of Chloe. So it is assumed he is from the main continent since he had to get to Fort City by boat. He met Fuuko on the same boat that he was on prior to meeting the Main Character.


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