Base Stats
ATK 27
DEF 30
MAT 32
MDF 35
SPD 27
TEC 30
LUC 33
Clerics are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They wield staves and rods, being proficient in both healing allies and controlling debuffs and buffs. They are one of the four initially available classes along with the Gunslinger, the Magician and the Swordis.


Clerics specialize in healing allies. As such, they are a staple class for your team early-on before obtaining any other healing class. Having several of them keeps the cost of Potions low, as you will only need Mana Stones to heal. Later on into the game, their importance dies away with the coming of new classes and better restorative items.


Level learned Skill name
Level 1 Heal
Level 8 Divine Aegis
Level 15 ♂ Recovery
Level 15 ♀ Soul Searcher
Level 23 Extra Heal