Ellie Troit
Available at Game Start
Element(s) Fire
High stats MDF
Low stats ATK
Blood type O
Saint Hope
Brand colour Green
Stat shape
A first year that adores the Hero. She can be a bit air-headed, but has an air of mystery. She's often busy, and is frequently tardy or absent.

Ellie Troit (エリィ=トロイト) is a heroine in Conception 2. She is available when the game begins, and is the second heroine that meets the Main Character at Fort City. She first meets the Main Character on his way to school. She doesn't reveal who she is when they first meet. Her main weapon is named Peacemaker, which is later upgraded with the Supernova Superchip to become Thanatos.

Her female voice actress is: Eden Riegel and her Japanese voice actor is Mariya Ise.


Ellie has short green hair and wears a headband with purple rabbit ears and a star attached to the left. She has orange eyes and pupils shaped like stars. She wears the Academy Elite Disciple's Uniform both at school and her apartment. When she is in combat or in labyrinths, her uniform changes to be pink and white. She wields a staff-like weapon with a huge paddle on one end which blasts out energy from its center.


Ellie comes off as air-headed and tardy during school. Although, she is particularly mysterious; since whenever a conversation came across with her and God's Gift, she'd usually remark how it's good to see him again, with the suggestion they met in the past. Despite her seeming average; much like Fuuko, Ellie acts head-on when it comes to having to work hard in labyrinths, often stating she'll do fine beyond her limit. She also enjoys conversing with the Main Character. She often acts clumsy, and is easily flustered when praised or if any type of affection is given to her.

Unlike Fuuko, she doesn't let people get too close to her. She fears that if people would stop liking her if they were to find out who she really is. She would rather not get others involved with her. She has a fondness of God's Gift and looks up to him, wishing that he will return the feelings which gives her the obsession of trying to appear cute. An example of this is when Chlotz claimed that Ellie had a 'little sister aura' and if God's Gift agrees, she'd excitedly cheer.


-May contain major story spoilers-

Ellie used to live near the Main Character's hometown prior to the start of the story. The Main Character usually went to Ellie's hometown on errands. On one of his errands, the Main Character found Ellie bleeding out in a sandbox in the park. Ellie was dying because she couldn't contain the massive amounts of Star Energy in her body. However, thanks to the Main Character's ridiculous amounts of Ether, her Star Energy stabilized, bringing her back from the brink of death. She was then taken into intensive care and brought over to the Church of Gracia. She was given a choice; either have her Star Energy sealed, or risk the Star Energy going out of control again. She chose to have her Star Energy sealed, and hoped to again meet the boy that saved her life. Over the next few years, she stayed within the metropolis of Shelgard on the main continent. According to Ellie, Shelgard consists of six cities. Each city has a Cardinal presiding over one of the six elements and governing that city. Ellie resides in the Church of Gracia where the Cardinal presides over the Dusk Element. She stayed in that church for many years, first as a Nun, then as a Heretic Hunter. She became renowned as a Stillblood. The Church eventually discovered Heretics within Fort City, and Ellie received her Star Brand. She was excited by this, as it might offer her the opportunity to meet the boy who saved her life.


She can easily produce the Magic Knight first of all the heroines.


Level learned Skill learned
Level 3 Blaze
Level 6 Crossbolg
Level 12 MAT Boost
Level 23 Triad Blaze
Level 34 TEC Reversal
Equip Thanatos Crossignus
Character Measurements
Height Weight Bust Waist Hips
150cm/4'11 43kg 82 (B cup) 56 80


Gift Effect Note
Striped Ribbon Love Head
Butterfly Ribbon Love


Military Beret Like Head
Ram's Horns Like Head
Tiara Like Head
Stylish Crown Love Head
Tama-Kanzashi Like Head
Cute Earrings Love Earring
Elegant Earrings Like Earring
Diamond Earrings Like Earring
Magical Earrings Love Earring
Feather Earmuffs Like Earring
Headset Love Earring
Animal Earrings Like Earring
Gold Earrings Like Earring
Flashy Earrings Love Earring
Silver Earrings Like Earring
Persona Mask Love Eyes
Ether Visor Love Eyes
Monocle Love Eyes
Fashion Glasses Love Eyes
Thin Glasses Like Eyes
Clear Glasses Like Eyes
Embossed Brooch Like Other
Jeweled Brooch Like Other
Flower Brooch Like Other
Star Brooch Love Other
Camera Brooch Like Other
Witch Pins Love Other
Animal Badge Like Other
Angel Wings Love Other
Demon Wings Like Other
Mana Love Other
Monokuma Badge Love Other
Magical Hat Love Head
Mysterious Plume Like Head
Kitty Ears Like Head
Angel Halo Like Head
Demon Horns Like Head
Mana's Ear Love Head


  • Ellie's pupils have the shape of a star
  • Her Japanese voice actress is the same as in "The Legend of Heroes:Trails of Cold Steel"s "Laura S Arseid" and in Tales of Xillia 2's Elle Mel Mata.
  • Its has also been noted that Ellie doesn't have any tastebuds.



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