Ether Sniper
Base Stats
ATK 62
DEF 60
MAT 47
MDF 56
SPD 44
TEC 88
LUC 61
Ether Snipers are a Star Child class in Conception 2. They are a direct upgrade to the Gunslinger class and as such wield guns in battle. They are not initially unlocked, but become unlocked early into the game.

Their upgrade is the Bulleteer.


Ether Snipers have incredibly high base TEC, suiting their damaging skills such as Barrage. They have several supportive skills as well- specifically debuffs- that allow them to turn the tide of dangerous battles. Ether Snipers are a solid class for any team in early-mid game, as they make Gunslingers fairly obsolete.


Level learned Skill name
Level 10 Barrage
Level 41 Mk3 Round
Level 24 Ether Cover
Level 16 ♂ DEF Sapper
Level 16 ♀ MDF Sapper