Feene Glass
"I am forever in your debt for saving my hometown."
Available at Complete Greed Labyrinth
Element(s) Dusk
High stats MDF
Low stats SPD
Blood type B
Saint Justice
Brand colour Cyan
Stat shape
A strong and beautiful third-year who loves her hometown. She is well-known in the Academy for her looks, but she is oblivious of her fame.

Feene Glass is a heroine in Conception 2. She is not initially available, but rather is added to the heroine roster after clearing the 3rd Dusk Circle, Greed. She is the seventh and final heroine that the protagonist meets. Feene is very grateful towards the protagonist after clearing the Gluttony Dusk Circle near her home town. As a result, she often tries to repay the protagonist. Feene fights with a kiteshield and a Gunblade; a sniper-like weapon. Her main weapon is the Lotus Grin, but later in the game it is upgraded with the Supernova Superchip to become Ares.


Feene has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a small ribbon that straps as a cross on her left bang. Feene wears her Academy Elite Disciples Uniform whenever she is in school or anywhere else in Aterra. When she is in combat or in labyrinths, her uniform changes to that of a white and light violet dress. She wields a kiteshield and a sniper-like weapon which appears to be a Bladegun, and she holds it like a sword as well. She is the tallest girl out of all the heroines and her figure is said to even compare and if not, surpass Chief Ruby's figure.


The academy students and other heroines see Feene as a perfect student. She has a cool demeanor, and is both smart and athletic, which is said to be near that of a top student would be. Chlotz has officially started calling her "Miss Beautiful". She is considered one of the most popular female Disciples in the Academy and has been asked by every single club within the Academy more than once to join. Despite all this, she does not think that way about herself. She is always helpful to those around her, and her motto is "A promise must be kept at all costs. There's no such thing as a small promise. Every promise kept will turn into trust." that she believes and lives by. She gets lonely real fast whenever her friends are not around especially the Main Character and easily gets timid whenever she gets pressured. Her hobby is taking photographs of all things she enjoys in life, including flowers, friends, school events, and a stray cat which she officially named "Stray". She later on opens her own club that allows her to utilize her hobby, which is the photography club. She worries often about her friends back at her hometown and is ready to leave the Academy anytime to go back assist them should trouble ever arise.


Although her hometown was never named, it assumed that her hometown is near the dusk circle Gluttony. After the player clears the labyrinth, a picture is shown of Feene looking up at the E.S. Savage as it takes its leave to return to the Academy. She became very grateful to the Main Character and his team and tries her best in anyway to repay him. She also has a childhoold friend: Raul, who seems to have a crush on Feene, but she does not seem to reciprocate those feelings. She and Raul seem to be in a brother and sister like relationship. She excels in fencing that even the Main Character has asked her to train him.

Character Measurements
Height Weight Bust Waist Hips
167cm/5'7 52kg 86 (C cup) 59 85


Level Learned Skill Learned
Innate Curse
Level 15 Tri-Onslaught
Level 25 Triad Curse
Level 14 Recovery
Level 40 Mana Boost
Equip Ares Ruin-Onslaught

Gifts Edit

Gift Effect Note
Fancy Pillow Like
Dry Fruit Tart Like
Carrot Cookie Like
Rose Bouquet Love
Cup Curry Dislike
Knife Set Dislike
Stuffed Kitten Like
Stuffed Sheep Like
Pig and Turtle Like
Gilimanjaro Beans Like
Scary Stories Like
World Cookbook Like
Gorgeous Broom Like
Trainer's Whip Like
Confidence Charm Like
Aromatic Soap Like
Natural Salts Like
Marble Candy Like
Premium Herbal Tea Like
Aterra Eye Like
Old Crystal Ball Like
Earplugs Like
Fluffy Lingerie Love
Sheer Lingerie Like
Gorgeous Lingerie Like
Spice Set Love
Hors D'oeuvres Set Dislike
128-Color Crayons Like
Angel Feather Pen Like
Sushi Kit Like
Magic Hand Like
Athletic Shoes Love
Still Camera Love
Dancing Shoes Like
Rainbow Ring Love
World Map Like
Ghost Plant Like
Monster Figurine Like
Insect Guide Like
Magic Chat Guide Like
Breasts or Bust! Like
Human Pretzel Dislike
Alarm Clock Like
High Tech Pointer Like
Travel Mouth Like
Rhiod's Handbook Like
Aquarium Like
Studs of Aterra Dislike
Dolphin Goggles Love
Healing Set Love
Striped Ribbon Like Head
Butterfly Ribbon Love Head
Military Beret Love Head
Ram's Horns Love Head
Tiara Like Head
Stylish Crown Love Head
Tama-kanzashi Like Head
Cute Earrings Love Earring
Elegant Earrings Love Earring
Diamond Earrings Like Earring
Magical Earrings Like Earring
Feather Earmuffs Love Earring
Headset Like Earring
Embossed Brooch Love Other
Jeweled Brooch Love Other
Flower Brooch Like Other
Star Brooch Love Other
Camera Badge Love Other
Witch Pins Like Other
Animal Badge Love Other
Angel Wing Like Other
Demon Wings Like Other
Animal Earrings Love Earring
Gold Earrings Love Earring
Flashy Earrings Like Earring
Silver Earrings Love Earring
Persona Mask Love Eyes
Ether Visor Like Eyes
Monocle Like Eyes
Fashion Glasses Like Eyes
Thin Glasses Like Eyes
Clear Glasses Love Eyes
Magical Hat Like Eyes
Mysterious Plume Like Head
Kitty Ears Love Head
Angel Halo Like Head
Demon Horns Love Head
Mana's Ears Love Head

Feene's ThemeEdit

In the Sky of the native land

Masato Kouda - Feene's Theme

Masato Kouda - Feene's Theme



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