Base Stats
ATK 46
DEF 56
MAT 60
MDF 73
SPD 64
TEC 68
LUC 80

The Gamblers are one of the classes that Star Children can become in Conception 2. They fight using Cards for weapons and learn a variety of status moves. They also function as a very LUC-heavy booster for any team using LUC-based attacks. Gamblers are not initially available, and become unlocked around mid-game.


Gamblers naturally have high LUC, and therefore work well on LUC-based teams, such as ones with Hunters (who also use MAT). As Gamblers have fairly low ATK, they work best with other casting units and not with physical ones such as Swordis.


Level learned Skill name
Level 12 'Chain' Card
Level 61 Death Card
Level 23 'Voice' Card
Level 31 (F) Nerve Pinch
Level 31 (M) Silence
Level 38 Soul Searcher
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