These are a type of item that can be given as a gift to any of the seven girls during a repeatable choice-dialogue in the Academy. These items can be bought at the Gift Shop. Sometimes players can get random gift items via a child team skill called Gift Catcher. There are also some rare quest-reward-only gifts as well.

Note that once an item is given to a girl, the same gift cannot be given to that girl again, it is recommended to purchase at most 7 of each item for those considering on giving each and every gift to all the girls. Otherwise, players can use the charts below to selectively choose the gifts that will raise their moods accordingly.

The following tables list the Gifts and Accessories: gifts that can be worn by the girls.

Gifts (Likability)
Name Description Buy Sell Fuuko Ellie Narika Chloe Serina Torri Feene
Fancy Pillow A cute bear pillow. 1000G 250G
Dry Fruit Tart A colourful confection. 500G 125G
Carrot Cookie A carrot-flavoured cookie. 1000G 250G
Rose Bouquet A floral tribute filled with premium roses. 3000G 750G
Cup Curry Ready-made curry. Easy to prepare and delicious to eat! 500G 125G
Knife Set A set of remarkably sharp kitchen knives. 2000G 500G
Stuffed Kitten Cute, cuddly, and extremely fluffy. 2000G 500G
Stuffed Sheep So fluffy that you can think of almost nothing else. 2000G 500G
Pig and Turtle

A book about a pig which loses a race against a turtle.

A favourite with children.

1500G 375G
Gilimanjaro Beans Delicious coffee beans. They go well with pastries. 1000G 250G
Scary Stories All the world's urban legends in one scary compilation. 1000G 250G Strong
World Cookbook All the world's tastiest dishes are contained in this amazing compendium. 1000G 250G
Gorgeous Broom An exquisite broom embedded with colourful, decorative jewels. 3000G 750G
Trainer's Whip A must-have for those interested in pursuing a career as an animal trainer. 2000G 500G
Confidence Charm

Rumour has it that this will grant you confidence.

Believe in yourself!

1500G 375G Strong
Aromatic Soap A wonderfully fragrant bath soap. 1500G 375G
Natural Salts Feel like you're in a real natural spa! 2000G 500G
Marble Candy Rainbow-coloured sweet candy for children. 1000G 250G
Premium Herbal Tea Premium gourmet tea, made only with the highest quality herbs. 3000G 750G Normal
Aterra Eye A wonderful book of aerial photos depicting the natural beauty of Aterra. 1500G 375G Normal
Old Crystal Ball

A very expensive antique.

It's shiny and mystical.

5000G 1250G Strong
Earplugs These will shut out all the noises around you. 1500G 375G Normal
Fluffy Lingerie Fluffiness guaranteed or your money back! 2000G 500G Normal
Sheer Lingerie

Sexy, cool, and stylish.

Definitely for grown-ups.

5000G 1250G Weak
Gorgeous Lingerie Tight-fitting, very fancy, and surprisingly pricey. 4000G 1000G Weak
Spice Set The strong aroma guarantees its quality. 2500G 625G Normal
Hors D'oeuvres Set

Goes very well with alcohol.

Makes a great gift!

500G 125G Normal
128-Colour Crayons All the colours you could possibly want! 1000G 250G Normal
Angel Feather Pen So light, you'll forget you're holding it. 3000G 750G Normal
Sushi Kit Become a sushi chef with this marvellous culinary set. 2000G 500G Normal
Magic Hand A wonderful cleaning tool that lets you reach high places. 3000G 750G Normal
Athletic Shoes A pair of light shoes made to accommodate the runner's feet. 2000G 500G Strong
Still Camera A compact, travel-size camera that's ideal for photo journals. 4000G 1000G Weak
Dancing Shoes A pair of elegant shoes made for dancers. 2000G 500G Normal
Rainbow Ring A fashionable, rainbow-coloured ring. 4000G 1000G Strong
World Map All of Aterra on one foldout sheet! Don't leave home without it. 2000G 500G Normal
Ghost Plant A rare and exceptionally creepy-looking plant. 3000G 750G Weak
Monster Figurine An extremely niche and rare item that's popular with avid fanboys. 5000G 1250G Normal
Insect Guide An almanac that covers all the insects in the world. 2000G 500G Weak
Magic Chat Guide A fun how-to book on magic chat techniques. 2000G 500G Normal
Breasts or Bust! The bestselling book on effective breast enlargement techniques! 2000G 500G Normal
Human Pretzel Get subtly closer to the girl of your dreams with this scandalous party game! 2000G 500G Weak
Alarm Clock Incredibly loud and annoying. 1000G 250G Normal
High Tech Pointer Not your ordinary pointer, this one's loaded with advanced features for pros. 4000G 1000G Normal
Travel Mouth A magical item which lets you communicate over long distances, like a phone. 3000G 750G Normal
Rhiod's Handbook A stiff and formal volume on business and accounting. 2000G 500G Normal
Aquarium A nifty item to liven up any room. 3000G 750G Normal
Studs of Aterra A photobook showcasing some fiiine male specimens. 2000G 500G Weak
Dolphin Goggles Special goggles designed to provide clear vision underwater. 8000G 2000G Strong
Healing Set Heals and reenergizes your body. Every athlete's favourite! 10000G 2500G Strong
Accessories (Likability)
Name Type Description Buy Sell Fuuko Ellie Narika Chloe Serina Torri Feene
Striped Ribbon A basic ribbon with a striped pattern. 2000G 500G Normal
Butterfly Ribbon Uses a jewelled motif to resemble a butterfly. 3000G 750G Normal
Military Beret Naturally goes well with a uniform, making it every military woman's favourite. 2500G 625G Normal
Ram's Horns Seashells that resemble ram's horns. A famous model once wore these. 8000G 2000G Strong
Tiara A headpiece adorned with numerous jewels, designed for bridal wear. 5500G 1375G Normal
Stylish Crown A simple accessory designed to impart mature elegance and feminine beauty. 6000G 1500G Normal
Tama-kanzashi Traditional topknot from the East. 3000G 750G Normal
Elegant Earrings
Diamond Earrings
Magical Earrings
Feather Earmuffs
Embossed Brooch
Jewelled Brooch
Flower Brooch
Star Brooch
Monokuma Badge Sign of the hero who defeated Monokuma. There's no doubt! 16364G 4091G Strong
Camera Badge
Witch Pins
Animal Badge
Angel Wing
Demon Wings
Demon Horns
Angel Halo
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