Base Stats
ATK 54
DEF 52
MAT 41
MDF 49
SPD 39
TEC 77
LUC 53
Grapplers are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They can equip claws, and specialize in dealing high damage to targets with lethal effects, such as the poison from Poisoned Carver or the instant death from Silent Killing. They are not initially unlocked, but become unlocked early in the storyline. Narika Shina can produce these relatively easy early on.


Grapplers have very high TEC but low SPD. As such, putting them on a team with speedy units will give that team more TEC without harming SPD to the point that they are being outsped. As all of their skills are elementless, they synergize well with any team member and will work well on Ether or Dusk teams.


Level learned Skill name Team Skill
Level 4 Poisoned Carver Venom Ballista
Level 18 Silent Killing Killing Field
Level 9 Sacred Touch

Healing Clarity

Kiss of Life

The Claws