The Hospital Director is a minor character included in Chloe's bond events. He is somewhat of an antagonist for trying to delay and
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Hospital Directors Profile

purposefully disrupt Chloe's concerts by preventing her and the Choir Club from singing, because he sees that the speculation of singing to cure others to be imaginative. He sees it as a waste of time and disbelieves there'd be any use coming from it.


The hospital Director wears square framed glasses and has short brown, wavy hair that reaches near the jaw line. It's not too visibly clear of what he is wearing although it's likely he's wearing some sort of uniform because of the white lining and the bright blue shirt. His eye colour appears to be hazel.


He comes of as mysterious to begin with, commenting aloud how he wishes for the concert to be stopped after the first performance. Although his true colours begin to appear when he reveals he was the one to indirectly prevent the concert from being held at the hospital. He is cold and arrogant, obvious to not caring about how the patients feel but instead the physical performance of their recovery. But even then he appeared sarcastic and rude to Chloe and God's Gift when they learnt that Millica's condition worsened. He has no faith in Chloe's songs with healing properties neither was he too fazed of their pursue in reaching Millica. An example of this is from when he commented of Chloe's song's being, 'useless' and use an unseemly tone of voice when he mentions,'Oh, why don't you sing to her? Maybe that will make her feel better.'


The Hospital Director was previously a Disciple, although it was unlcear of what rank he was. As for the Bonding Events he was included in, he was first named 'Mysterious Man', aloud stating how he'd put a stop to the concerts. Whilst at the Academy, he was indirectly leading to the downfall of Chloe as a DJ and performing at concerts. He went to desperate measures to throwing off members of the Choir Club and throwing them into a linen room just so the concert could be cancelled. Although his efforts were in vain because God's Gift was able to discover where the Choir Club were hidden-with the thanks of Chief Ruby -and the concert was performed at the hospital. When God's Gift asked about how the Director was, since it appeared he made no further movement into delaying them; Chief Ruby had stated him coming down by an illness, impassively adding that it probably doesn't add to any of their concerns.

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