Base Stats
ATK 52
DEF 71
MAT 49
MDF 59
SPD 41
TEC 47
LUC 54
Lancers are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They fight with spears and are very proficient fighters, due to their high base combative stats. They are not initially unlocked, but become unlocked early into the game due to the low base stats required to unlock them.


Lancers are key fighters on any ATK-heavy team. They have a variety of skills to help in many situations, whether it be filling the Chain Gauge or attacking from nearly any angle. However, as they have relatively low TEC and SPD, they are best suited on teams that either do not require much SPD (usually a heavy-hitting tank team) or teams that can supply it with the SPD that offensive-quick Lancers require.


Level learned Skill name Team Skill
Level 8 Ripper Cross Edge
Level 15 Temple Chain Icicle Fang
Level 46 ♂ Great Divide

Cruel Impact

Level 46 ♀ Swift Thrust Photon Driver
Level 27 Ranged Lance Javelin Strike