"I made too much lunch boxes, would you like one?"
Role Support
Position 2nd Year Standard C-Rank Disciple
Status Alive
Luce is a supportive character on Conception 2. She was first mentioned by name near the end of Chapter 3 when Chlotz talked about the Star Conception Ritual and Chloe in turn asked if Chlotz would be asking Luce to go with him. The Main Character officially meets Luce in person at the beginning of chapter 4. Luce is a childhood friend of Alec Marker and is a 2nd Year Standard C-Rank Disciple. She is also the current Vice President of the Student Council at the Academy.


Luce has violet hair and violet eyes. She wears a pair of red glasses and the Academy Standard Disciples Uniform which has a copper edge lining color compared to the Elite Disciples Uniform which has gold edge lining.


Luce comes off as a shy, smart, and geeky girl. Her shyness is nowhere the near level of Narika's shyness. She is a childhood friend of Alec and when they were small, Alec saved her from bullies which in turn became a little crush she had on Alec, later developing into falling in love with Alec as the two went into the Academy. Luce would often come when she can over to Alec's place to clean his house and do his laundry. Chlotz jokingly says that she is technically Alec's housewife. Alec denies this notion and is still oblivious to her feelings for him. Despite it, Alec is very protective of Luce. Luce and Chlotz first met each other on the Academy Rooftop and ever since, Chlotz had a crush on her. Although she is oblivious to Chlotz's feelings for her, the Main Character and all the heroines appear to notice his feelings for

Luce ending

If choosing to be with none of the females, Luce appears in this ending.

her. Thanks to Chlotz, Alec invited her to the Star Conception Festival which she happily answered yes, but became grief struck and sadden when she learned what happend to Alec. This caused her to deny reality and go on about her days as if Alec was still alive and still goes to do his laundry and cleaning his room, even though he has passed away. Eventually Chlotz was able to snap her out of it and had her accept reality. After Enzea's defeat, she prayed to Alec's grave at the Hall of Heroes at the Academy, telling him that World Peace has finally come, and that their dreams has finally come true. At the end of the game, she is later seen dating Chlotz and accepts his feelings for her.


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