Lucian Profile
"Why do you keep hanging around here?"
Role Side Character
Position Nemesis Hunter
Status Alive

Lucian is a side character on Conception 2. He can be met by the Main Character by following Ellie Troit's bonding arc. He is first encountered at Ellie's apartment. He is a Nemesis Hunter that hunts and kills Heretics and like all Nemesis Hunters, he has his very own X-Machina, which is a hi-tech motorcycle that can sense Heretic barriers.


Lucian has light blue hair and red eyes. He has his hair in a pony tail which apparently seems to be held together by a scrunchy that appear like purple chains. He wears a ragged sleevless purple top with a ragged purple scarf that has a purple chain going around it.



Lucian and God's Gift on the X-machine-a device used for stillbloods

Lucian is a Stillblood. A Stillblood is someone who either has their star energy sealed or who was resurrected back to life using the Dusk Magic Spell by the Church of Gracia. Those who are stillblood are only kept alive as long as they work for the Church of Gracia, otherwise the Spell will be undone and they either go back being dead or die from the star energy from going out of control. It is unknown if Lucian recieved the spell for being sealed or he was dead to begin with, but he is a Stillblood and was raised in the same place that Ellie was at. He has habit of knocking Ellie in the head whenever she doesn't do what she suppose to, like erasing the Main Character's memories. He has a slight crush on Ellie which would explain his habit of knocking Ellie in the head. He was sent to Fort City to assist Ellie in her duty to hunt down Heretics since she was pre-occupied with her time as a Disciple. He does not like the Main Character at first and only considers him a nuisance, only for the latter to show him that he was quite capable when he saved Ellie. He eventually returned to the Main Continent at the end of Ellie's Bonding Arc, and has put in a good word for the Main Character at the Church of Gracia.


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