Magic Knight
Base Stats
ATK 49
DEF 61
MAT 48
MDF 71
SPD 48
TEC 53
LUC 59
Magic Knights are a class of Star Children available in Conception 2. They are a strong ATK-MAT hybrid class that wield swords. They are not initially unlocked, but become unlocked around the forming of the 3rd Dusk Circle.

They are an upgrade of the Swordis.


Magic Knights have very high MDF and DEF to go with their strong ATK and MAT, allowing them to be a very strong front-line fighter. Like the weaker Magicians, Magic Knights learn skills depending on their element; as such, they will fit on nearly any team.


Level learned Skill name Team Skill
Level 24 ♂ Blitz Blow Grief Chain
Level 24  Crescent Slash Dance
Level 35 Elemental Attack


Dextrous Style

Dextrous Masters

Level 7 [FIRE]

Dual Blaze Triad Blaze
Level 7 [WIND] Dual Cyclone Triad Cyclone
Level 7 [EARTH] Dual Gravel Storm Triad Gravel Storm
Level 7 [WATER] Dual Frost Triad Frost
Level 7 [DUSK] Dual Curse Triad Curse
Level ?? [ETHER] Dual Shine Triad Shine
Level 17 Silence