Mark Flask
"I call it, the Vis-O-Matic 5000!"
Role Support
Position AngelMarker's Researcher
Status Deceased
Mark Flask was a Supportive Character in Conception 2. He was first encountered on AngelMarker's Research Lab on Fort City when the Main Character, Chlotz, and Fuuko tried to get their Ether and Star Energy counted at the same time determining the ranks. He was one of AngelMarker's top researcher and was also the one who invented all the equipment that the Main Character and Heroines uses. He also had a poor sense in naming his inventions.


Mark had shoulder-length black hair and blue eyes. He wore the AngelMarker's Employee Uniform which consisted of a black suit over a purple collar top and white tie.


It is unknown if Mark was ever a Disciple, but he was AngelMarker's Top Researcher until Ruby came along. Later, Ruby, Mark, and 6 other researchers discovered Heaven's Door. Ruby was the only one that went inside and came back out. Mark believed himself a coward for letting Ruby going in alone. Enzea then had everyone on Ruby and Mark's research team keep the Heaven's Door a secret from the rest of the world, including people from their own company. He eventually developed a crush on Ruby, though Ruby was oblivious to his feelings. He was also a victim of her teasing as well. Although Ruby trusted Enzea, Mark did not and believed that her one-sided love for him is blinding her from seeing the true Enzea. He eventually told Ruby he planned to go public with the information on Heaven's Door. As a result of her one-sided love for him and her blind loyalty to him, Ruby reported Mark to Enzea, who had him locked up in one of AngelMarker's prisons, where he was eventually left to die. His body was later found by Mattero's Priests after Enzea's betrayal.


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