Mary Isana White
"Maybe you won't, but I'll definitely do something toward him."
Role Side Character
Position Ghost
Status Deceased
Mary Isana White is a side character on Conception 2. She is first introduced to the Main Character on one of Fuuko Amicus's bonding events. She doesn't remember who or where she came from but she definitely knows that she is a ghost. She haunts the pool that the Aquatics Team regularly uses and only comes out when the moon is out. She is commonly refered to as "Ms. Ghost" whenever Fuuko or the Main Character speaks to her until near the end of Fuuko's story arc.


Mary has white very light blue hair and violet eyes. What she wears is the academy uniform. Although during conversations with Mary; her full profile is not seen. Her outfit can be seen during Fuuko's bond event, when she goes into detail about her past.


Mary is actually Fuuko's middle school best friend, Izzy, before she moved away. She was also the one that taught Fuuko how to swim. However, her father was sickly and he came by to her national championship swimming tournament only to lose to Fuuko at the end of it all. Her father then passed away and she moved away to live with her mom. She then acquired her Star Brand and attended the Academy in Fort City as a First Year Elite Disciple. It is unknown what rank she was, but considering she was allowed to fight Dusk Monsters, she had to be at least a Elite to fight. She joined the Aquatics Team and is the only person who so far on the Aquatics Team to have mastered Shifting, a magic spell that allows the user to swim extremely fast at the strongest currents. She eventually died saving her team when a underwater operation went wrong and they were surrounded by dusk monsters. As the Main Character goes deeper into Fuuko's Bonding Events, Fuuko then suddenly will realize who Mary is and eventually help her pass on.


  • Throughout the game she is named 'Ms. Ghost' and her name remains this way even after discovering her name-when accessing the side characters on database.
  • Mary White was a student at the Aterra Academy and was a member of the Aquatics Team.
  • It's unknown as to what disciple rank she had,
  • She was a talented Shifter, so much so that she was the only member of the Aquatics Team at the time who could; compared to Fuuko.
  • Her middle name, Isana, comes from 勇ましい魚 (isamashii sakana). Her father wanted her to be named Isana.


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