Matryoshka LT
Effect Gives Ether element to child
Flavor Text "Gives the newborn the power of light."
Element None
Buy Price Not for sale
Sell Price Cannot be sold
Tags None
Matryoshka LT are empowered vessels used to give birth to Star Children through the several types of Classmating. They are found in Labyrinths, and are consumed when giving birth to a Star Child (although twins will only consume one Matryoshka LT). Like all types of Matryoshka, they cannot be sold or bought. Matryoshka LT will cause any newborn Star Child(ren) born with it to have the Ether element, regardless of the Star Child's mother. As the Ether Element cannot be given to Star Children through regular Classmating with Heroines, the Matryoshka LT is possibly the most valuable Matryoshka.

How to Obtain:

Matryoshka LT can be found in the locked or sealed room in the sixth floor of the Pride Labyrinth - however, the chance for discovery is fairly low. The easiest method of obtaining the Matryoshka LT involves a slight abuse of the save/load file function - save while standing by the entrance portal to floor 6, then go through and find the sealed/locked room. If there is no Matryoshka LT, then open the menu and use the "Load file" function to go back to your floor 5 save and try again until you do get a Matryoshka LT, at which point use a skill like "Homeward" to return to the City and save before trying again if more Matryoshka LT are desired. The reason this works is because the game rerandomizes the layout of floor 6 every time a save data is loaded from floor 5.