"My we have some truly...well developed female disciples this year."
Role Support
Position High Priest of the Church of Attera
Status Alive
Mattero is a Supportive Character in Conception 2. He is first encountered by the Main Character when he, Fuuko, and Chlotz first arrived at Fort City to show him their Star Brand. He is the High Priest of the Church of Aterra that is located on Fort City. He is also the Headmaster at the Academy that all disciples attend to.


Mattero has shoulder length white hair with a mustache, beard, and blue eyes. He wears a white and light blue uniform with a cape and hood to represent his status as a High Priest.


Mattero's full name or history is never revealed, but it is known that he was the one that Prophesized the coming of God's Gift. He has a long history even now flirting with any women that he sees and often tries to take a peek up their skirts. It is said that when Ruby was a Disciple at the Academy and that he even tried to flirt with her once, which caused Ruby to despise Mattero. Mattero and Ruby are often at odds with each other, with Ruby undermining his authority and Mattero always flirting with the female employees that are staffed under Ruby. Despite this, he cares very much for his fellow man. An example of this would be when Enzea revealed his true intentions, Ruby was arrested for the conspiracy and Mattero refused to use Star Energy to force the truth out of her and would rather that she tell the truth on her own accord.


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