Base Stats
ATK 35
DEF 32
MAT 26
MDF 24
SPD 33
TEC 30
LUC 33

The Mercenary is a class of Star Child in Conception 2. In order to create a Mercenary, you have to steal a Mercenary Manual from a mob of 3 Booteles on floors three through five of "Blue Garden." They are a male-only class and an upgrade on the Swordis class


Mercenaries are strong fighters with an ability to speed up allies and two attacks to weaken the enemy. They are physically oriented with high ATK and DEF with similar SPD and LUK, meaning they are both fast and strong. Overwatch helps allies move faster at the cost of the caster's ATK, and both Force Break and Half Slash have a chance to mitigate physical damage dealt to the team while dealing damage at the same time, especially with Half Slash. It is recommended that Mercenaries are paired with other physical units to deal major damage while still being able to support teammates.


Level learned Skill name
Level 5 Force Break
Level 10 Overwatch
Level 17 Half Slash
level?? Black moon smasher