Millica is a minor character that appeared in Chloe's bond events although wasn't included as a side character; therefore
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leaving little information about her; and uncredited. She had a chronic illness although when she heard Chloe's singing, like the other patients, she felt like she was recovering and was given hope to survive.


Millica is a soft-spoken girl who along with her health, has a pale completion. She has lilac hair and violet eyes, that is layered at the front and curls around shoulder length. It's unknown of what she wears, because there is no image of a full-body appearance. 


Millica appears to be shy and humble, as she was afraid to directly confront Chloe to send over her letter. She has high hopes of recovering thanks to Chloe's songs and has become a fan because of it. Unlike Chloe's other fans, she is in no competition for her attention nor is she on the same level of begging Chloe to sing for her. Milliac's withdrawn personality is from the possiblity of having to deal with a chronic illness for so long. 


Millica's history isn't all too clear, however it's obvious that she had to stay in hospital for around a year. It's unknown as to why she has a chronic illness and to what it is. Although the illness appears to make her frail and incapable from going too far in the hospital. Her mother too appears to be worried for her condition and even encourages Chloe to sing for her, if not-let her be in high spirits. 

Millica gave a pink stationary letter, saying how she was moved by Chloe's songs and that it gave her strength; and how she wished for Chloe to continue her songs. She later had to go through an intensive care unit and was operated on. Although nervous, she claimed to hear Chloe's songs in her dreams and it gave her courage. She survived it, gave another letter-saying how Chloe can bring her boyfriend the next time she visits her. Prior to the bond arc, Chloe stops singing at the hospital to sing for God's Gift. It's unknown what later happens to Millica.


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