Base Stats
ATK 47
DEF 59
MAT 63
MDF 85
SPD 38
TEC 47
LUC 54
Minstrels are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They are very supportive, and wield instruments into battle. They are not initially unlocked, but become unlocked early in the game as Ellie has a very similar stat distribution shape.


Minstrels can fill any supportive role on teams with their variety of support moves. They also bring a large chunk of MDF with them, increasing their own team's magic defence. Minstrels can also be used as an offensive skill supplier on MAT-teams with Offensive Beat.


Level learned Skill name Skill Type Team Skill Skill Type
Level 10 Offensive Beat Lucky March

Harmonius Trio

The Charismatics

Level 20 Refresh
Level 30 Manaroa
Level 43 ♂ Soul Taker Cure
Level 43 ♀ Joyous Star Grand Cure