Nazuna Leaf
"Oh Joy! I'm going to make something special."
Role Side Character
Position Cafe/Academic Park Manager
Status Alive
Nazuna Leaf is a side character on Conception 2. She introduced to the Main Character in one of Serina Leaf bonding events. She is first encountered in the home of Serina introducing herself as her Serina's older sister and it actually turns out their home is a nameless Cafe where they serve herbal drinks and herbal food. She has managed the Cafe and raised Serina ever since she graduated from Fort City Academy. She was a previous Valedictorian Elite S-Rank Disciple.


Nazuna has light blue hair and green eyes much similiar to Serina. According to the database which shows a much more better picture, she wears a white collar top with a green sweater over it that covers up to her shoulders. She has a figure that is similiar to that of Chief Ruby.


Nazuna history isn't as clear as her sister, Serina. It is unknown if she was born or raised in Fort City like her sister was, though it is clear she was a S-Rank Disciple that attended the Academy. When she was still a Disciple, she and her friends got together to take donations in helping make a park. They eventually acquired enough donations to make the park, which was later named Academic Park. After she graduated, she ran a Cafe that would utilize her hobby, herbs. She is fascinated with herbs and makes drinks and food out of them, to which Serina says is one of the best foods in Fort City. She later took a young Serina to the Academic Park, the times of which will ultimately be Serina's fondest and joyful memories. Despite all this, she worries about Serina all the time. Even though Serina has earned the rank of a Elite S-Rank Disciple, she worries if Serina can even handle Dusk monsters due to her small size, even though she always gets tired and her shoulders hurt when even she fights them. Though Serina comments "It's not because of fighting monsters, it's because of those huge meat bags you have." Her worries would later be dissolved when watching Serina in action against a Dusk monster that was eating the park's zoo animal. She later became the Academic Park Manager as well at the end of Serina's Bonding Arc.


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