Base Stats
ATK 47
DEF 71
MAT 50
MDF 74
SPD 70
TEC 55
LUC 61
Ninjas are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They fight by using claws, and are one of the only two classes that may use ninja garb. They are not initially unlocked, and may only be born by using a Hermit's Gleam during Classmating.


Ninjas have high DEF and SPD, giving fortitude and priority to their team. They function especially well with TEC and ATK-savvy units, giving them bulk and speedier attacks while also supporting them with decent ATK and TEC. However, they do not function well on MAT-based teams due to their low MDF and MAT.


Level learned Skill name
Level 10 Invisibility
Level 20 Nerve Pinch
Level 31 ♀ Silent Killing
Level 31 ♂ Poisoned Carver
Level 40 Split Claws
Level 50 Devil's Back