Base Stats
ATK 64
DEF 85
MAT 71
MDF 90
SPD 40
TEC 49
LUC 56
Paladins are a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They are very defensive units who wield spears into battle. They are not initially unlocked, and become unlocked late into the game as Feene is the only mother with the same stat distribution shape as them.


Paladins are very tanky units, giving large DEF and MDF bonuses to everyone on their team simply by being present. On top of their innate DEF and MDF bonus, they learn DEF Boost at low levels to further increase any team's DEF. As spear-wielders, they have great Weak Point control with their variety of attacks. Keep in mind that Paladins have fairly low SPD, and require a speedy team to speed up their pace, or an already slow team where SPD isn't important.


Level learned Skill name Team Skill
Level 15 Ripper Cross Edge
Level 44

Swift Thrust

Photon Driver

Level 25 Paladin Wall

Rite of Auras

Robust Protection

March of Saints

The Lancer Trio

Level 5 DEF Boost