"You're looking fine as usual."
Role Side Character
Position 3rd Year Elite Disciple
Status Alive

'A third-year Elite Disciple. A bit of a boor, but cares deeply for his friends' -game description

Raul is a side character on Conception 2. The Main Character can encounter him by following Feene Glass's bonding events. He is a childhood friend of Feene and they both have known each other since they were children. He is a 3rd Year Elite Disciple although it was never stated of what rank he was in nor was his full name ever given.


Raul has brown spiky hair and blue eyes. He wears a yellow coat with black edge linings. It is uncertain what he wears underneath the coat but at the time of his introduction, he was wearing bandages that wrapped around his body covering his battle wounds.


Raul is born and raised from the same hometown Feene is. As said before, he is a childhood friend of Feene and both knew each other since early childhood. He has a crush on Feene, but Feene does not seem to return those feelings, and sees him more of a brother figure rather than someone more. When Feene put in a transfer request to go back to her hometown to save it from a new Nest, he arrived at the Academy to assist her in withdrawing the transfer request due to the Nest already having been destroyed. He did not want Feene to give up on her one time chance of getting a great husband like the Main Character, and wishes to find a wife who can be on par with Feene.


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