Rhiod Marker
"I ask that you Disciples do your best to put our breakthroughs for use."
Role Support
Position President of AngelMarker Industries
Status Deceased
Rhiod Marker was a supportive character in Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars. He was first encountered by the Main Character at the beginning of Chapter 2 to show as a publicity stunt that AngelMarker Industries supports God's Gift and the Church in attempt to sterilize the Dusk Circles. He is father of Alec Marker and Enzea Marker. He was the Head President of AngelMarker Industries.


Rhiod has blonde hair and red eyes. He wears glasses and wears the AngelMarker Employee Uniform with purple collar top and white tie with the black uniform over it with the extended addition of longer collar with a gold chain attached on the chest going from left to right in the middle to signify his position has Head President.


Rhiod's history of his hometown or life before was never mentioned in game. He did have a wife, who was never named or where her current whereabouts are, that he had 2 sons with, Alec and Enzea, prior to their divorce. According to Chloe, he is someone who leaves an impression of rich, handsome, ambitious, and gentlemanly-type feeling. He strives to make money in anyway he can and believes that peace is a boring and unproductive business, and that war is the true way of making money. He shows no sympathy or remorse for others, though he often puts on a public hearing that would at least show that AngelMarker Industries is a kind of company that does care. Despite all this, he is a very caring father to both his sons. He would often try to show that Alec is the world's best Disciple that goes even beyond God's Gift. He would go to great lengths for it, even getting a picture of a defeated Dusk Spawner by the Main Character, which he would have edited the footage to have Alec in place instead. He expects nothing but the best from his sons.

Rhiods death

A farewell kiss

Later after visiting a labyrinth with Enzea, Enzea turns against his father explaining his true intentions of AngelMarker. Rhiod is then killed by Clau, who was under order by Enzea to eliminate him.


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