Ruby Coiler
"I might have a nice reward for you later."
Role Support
Position AngelMarker's Head Researcher
Status Alive

Ruby Coiler is a Supportive Character on Conception 2. She is first encountered at AngelMarker's Research Lab that is on Fort City. She is the Head Researcher of the company and she is also in charge of directing and gathering the team that the Main Character and Heroines are a part of and later is also put in charge of the Core Combat Assault Squad. She is most commonly referred to as Chief Ruby.


Ruby has light blue hair and violet eyes. She wears the AngelMarker's Employee Uniform that consists of a black suit, with purple collar shirt underneath, and a white tie. She is well known for her slender figure.


Ruby was initially a Elite S-Rank Disciple at the Academy. After her Star Brand dissappeared, she worked for the Government's Research Labs as their top researcher for a time. Later, she developed a crush for Enzea, and it is because of that crush, she was swayed over by Enzea to join AngelMarker's Research Labs. It is said a bidding war then broke out for her between AngelMarker and the Government. Ruby comments that "Men are always fighting over me." She was then put to work with Mark, and with him, they both discovered Heaven's Gate, which later became an obsession for Enzea. Later, news went out that Mattero prophesied a child bearing the mark of God's Gift would appear. Enzea then had Ruby and Mark relocated to AngelMarker's Research Lab in Fort City. Ruby is very manipulative when it comes to other people, especially men. She is not afraid to use her figure to charm the opposite sex to do her bidding and she even considers herself "an Ice Lady". She is very loyal to Enzea, always doing what he tells her to do and always reporting even the smallest things to Enzea. This however would indirectly make her responsible for the demise of her coworker and friend Mark.


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