"Don't order me around."
Role Antagonist
Position AngelMarker S-Rank Disciple
Status Deceased

'A disciple outside the Academy. He has a cruel streak and takes pleasure in carnage' -Game description.

Rus is a antagonist on Conception 2. He is first introduced along with his sister Clau, midway into Chapter 4 when Chief Ruby went into the dusk circle as her escort and bodygaurds. He is from AngelMarker Industries, and even though he has his own Star Brand, he clearly does not attend the Academy at Fort City. He is S-Rank Disciple. Like the Main Character, he wields a set of dual blades as his weapon.


Rus has white hair and violet eyes. He wears the AngelMarker Employee Uniform.


Rus history of when and where he was born or raised from was never revealed along with his sister as well. He is clearly a Disciple due to his Star Brand, but does not attend to the Academy, probably because Enzea needed test subjects for his God Bracelet. Rus mind seems to be unstable. He tends to go into fits of rage whenever he is ordered by someone other than Enzea and despises anybody who is weak and anybody who is strong, he tends to ignore them. He refuses to work with anyone but his sister and seems like both Rus and Clau are in a incestious relationship as he gets "all excited" whenever he sees his sister go into one of her bloodlust moments. He is eventually defeated and killed along with his sister by the Main Character and his team when Enzea betrayed everyone with both Rus and Clau backing up Enzea.


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