The Sloth Labyrinth is the fourth Dusk Circle that activates. It is the first labyrinth that hasn't been materialized prior to the storyline.


After the activation of the Sloth Labyrinth, God's Gift and one of the heroines enter the Dusk Circle.

On floor 5 he meets Ruby Coiler who investigates the labyrinth alongside her bodyguards Rus and Clau. Only one floor below he is attacked by Zectagulum (a Dusk Monster) and two Forapus. These three together are the first boss battle of this labyrinth.

After the boss is defeted God's Gift moves on until he reaches the 11th floor. Here he encounters the Dusk Spawner of the labyrinth: Belphegor.

It's a hard fight but God's Gift mangages to seal it within the matryoshka and sterilizes the Dusk Circle. Suddenly he is contacted by Mark Flask via the Vis-O-Matic: Ruby was still inside the labyrinth searching for Dark Crystals and Mark seemed to be very worried.

God's Gift searches for her and finally finds her - already affected by the Dark Crystals. She reacts aggressiv when he tries to convince her to move back.

All of a sudden they are attacked by a Monster called the Dusk Eater. It's the final boss of this Labyrinth (not the Dusk Spawner) and follows the former boss battle with out a possibility for the player to save the game. (If this battle is lost, the player needs to defeat the Dusk Spawner again!)

After the Dusk Eater is beaten, Ruby appologizes and aggrees to head back.


  • According to Ruby, the Dark Crystals inside here are much purer than those in the Gluttony Labyrinth
  • The hardest battle is against Belphegor, but due to the fact, that there is no possibility to save the game or heal the team between the two battles, the second boss battle against the Dusk Eater is a lot harder than it would usually be.
  • In this labyrinth the player has to defeat three bosses - two of them right after another! So it's important to be prepared and on full health when encountering Belphegor!
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