Star Matryoshka
Effect Increases the child's stats
Flavor Text "Gives the newborn a boost and raises the heroine's mood."
Element None
Buy Price Not for sale
Sell Price Cannot be sold
Tags None
Star Matryoshka are empowered vessels used to give birth to Star Children through the several types of Classmating. They are found in Labyrinths, and are consumed when giving birth to a Star Child (although twins will only consume one Star Matryoshka). Like all types of Matryoshka, they cannot be sold or bought. Star Matryoshka will give any newborn Star Child(ren) a boost in their stats, as well as improve the mood/relationship between the protagonist and the Heroine(s) involved. As the Star Matryoshka can be found relatively early on in the story progress, it is possible to quickly obtain Genius Star Children using a Star Matryoshka, giving them an early stat boost and making it easier to level them up.

How to Obtain:

The earliest area a Star Matryoshka can be found in is the sealed/locked room in the sixth floor of the Gluttony Labyrinth, however the drop rate for the Star Matryoshka is fairly low. The easiest method of obtaining Star Matryoshka involves a slight abuse of the save/load file function in the game. First, go to the level exit in the fifth floor, then save while next to said level exit. Then, go to the sixth floor and find the locked/sealed room, and search it. If the Star Matryoshka is not found, open the menu and select "Load File" and load your fifth floor save, and repeat the process until you find the Star Matryoshka, then return to the City using a skill such as "Homeward" to save before repeating the process should more Star Matryoshka be desired.