Base Stats
ATK 35
DEF 32
MAT 26
MDF 24
SPD 33
TEC 30
LUC 33
Swordis is a Star Child class available in Conception 2. They wield swords and are proficient fighters, with skills such as Flick and Blitz Blow. They are one of the four initially available classes along with the Magician, Gunslinger and the Cleric. God's Gift is given one right at the start of the game.

They have a few alternative upgraded classes, being the Magic Knight and the Mercenary.


Early in the game, Swordis will be dealing a large chunk of your damage with their abilities, as well as offering an ATK bonus to allies when required. Their balanced stats allow them to fit on any team setup, especially those without status effects as Flick may paralyze.

Swordis are quick to become redundant and are the most basic of the classes, meaning their usefulness is short-lived and by the time Wake heads towards Gluttony the player should be looking at other classes.


Level learned Skill name Team Skill
Level 3 Flick Blast Swing
Level 18 Blitz Blow Grief Chain
Level 7 Protein


Javelin Strike

Teamwork Technique

Strike Force