"We haven't had anyone this good since Alec."
Role Support
Position 3rd Year Elite S-Rank Disciple
Status Alive
Triche is a supportive character on Conception 2. He is first met by the Main Character at the beginning of Chapter 3 with the introduction of Feene following after. He is a 3rd year at the academy and is a Elite S-Rank Disciple. He is the current president of the Fencing Dojo Club that both God's Gift and Alec joined.


Triche has dark teal hair and blue eyes. He wears glasses and although he joins the Core Combat Assault Squad, he doesn't transform into any other attire when in battle or in labyrinths.


Not much is known about where Triche was born or raised but according to him near the beginning and end of chapter 6, he was ready to soon celebrate his 19th birthday that was coming up in a few days making him 18 years of age. He is one of the few S-Rank Disciples at the Academy and again he is the current president of the Fencing Dojo Club. He later joins the Core Combat Assault Squad to be one of the few to receive the new God Bracelet produced by AngelMarker Industries. He later was hospitalized for taking a attack that was meant for Alec when Alec refused to obey a direct order from Ruby.


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