This wiki could use some help getting organized and improving consistency and navigation. To those ends, I'm compiling some of the new and useful templates here. This post will be amended if I make more templates or find more templates that should be used more often.

New templates

Consistent game title display

Some new templates, {{C2}} and {{CII}}, now exist. They display the game titles as follows:

These are intended to make it easy to insert the game titles wherever necessary, as well as keep the stylization of the title consistent across the wiki. Currently, the game title is almost never italicized when mentioned, as a title should be. (This section was copied from my forum post)

Other templates

The following are templates that already exist, but are worth mentioning.


{{Stub}} adds articles to Category:Article stubs and encourages people to edit. It's currently barely used; please use it liberally wherever stubs exist so that they get categorized correctly, making it easier for others to find and edit them.

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