Base Stats
ATK 50
DEF 63
MAT 68
MDF 92
SPD 50
TEC 67
LUC 65

Warlocks are a Star Child class in Conception II. They are the most skilled magic users available, surpassing Astromancers. As magic users, they fight with rods and staves. They are not initially available, but become unlocked after leveling up both a Magician and a Cleric to level 25.


Warlocks have incredibly potent magical ability, boasting one of the highest MDF values in the game while still having high MAT. They learn skills depending on their attribute, and as such they will fit onto any team needing more coverage. Placing them on teams with other strong magic users such as Astromancers will give them strong synergy and raise the total MAT further, empowering their attacks.

Warlocks can use the strongest elemental-based magic skills. It is a team skill unlockable by having two lvl 20 Warlocks (one male, one female) with certain elements in the same team.

A light and a fire Warlock use Divine Flash. It's a light-based attack that recovers the HP of the caster by 35%

With Earth and Dusk, you can use Draining Darkness. It deals dusk damages and drain the foe's MP.

Finally, with Water and Wind, you can cast Diamond Dust. It's a water-based attack that slows down the enemy.


Level learned Skill name
Level 15 Mana Pool
Level 1 [FIRE] Dual Blaze
Level 20 [FIRE] Burning Fuse
Level 1 [WIND] Dual Cyclone
Level 20 [WIND] Zephyr Sickle
Level 1 [EARTH] Dual Gravel Storm
Level 20 [EARTH] Earthstorm
Level 1 [WATER] Dual Frost
Level 20 [WATER] Absolute Zero
Level 1 [DUSK] Dual Curse
Level 20 [DUSK] Mental Eclipse
Level 1 [ETHER] Dual Shine
Level 20 [ETHER] Searing Brightness
Level 35 Grand Heal
Level 47 ♂ Area Heal
Level 47 ♀ Soul Retriever
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