Base Stats
ATK 24
DEF 28
MAT 35
MDF 33
SPD 24
TEC 29
LUC 32

The Witch is a class of Star Child in Conception 2. To create one, you require one Magical Girl Heart. It is a female-only class.

Magical Girl Hearts can be obtained by going to the second or third floor of "Sealed Tomb." Once there, you have to steal the item via the thief skill Pickpocket (or any other variant). The enemies that drop this item are Booteles and Bootes



Level learned Skill name
Level 10 Magical Assistance
Level 1 [FIRE] Blaze
Level 18 [FIRE] Triad Blaze
Level 1 [WIND] Cyclone
Level 18 [WIND] Triad Cyclone
Level 1 [EARTH] Gravel Storm
Level 18 [EARTH] Triad Gravel Storm
Level 1 [WATER] Frost
Level 18 [WATER] Triad Frost
Level 1 [DUSK] Curse
Level 18 [DUSK] Triad Curse
Level 1 [ETHER] Shine
Level 18 [ETHER] Triad Shine